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2016 Land Rover Discovery Specs, Price

2016 Land Rover Discovery is a mid-size SUV, which publish in the coming year around the world to the delight of car enthusiasts are. Since it came on the market in 1989, it has sold in varying degrees of success four generations that were all. This upcoming fifth generation is only the best in class luxury and comfort features that will make this car ahead of the competition are provided. A new engine is also said to be on view under the hood of that car.

2016 Land Rover Discovery - Exterior and interior

The outer 2016 Land Rover Discovery has been changed to eliminate sharp edges and replace it with rounded features, to impart some elegance urgently needed. It is based on a new platform, and weight is reduced by the excessive use of aluminum in the body structure of the vehicle. At the front end of the vehicle, there is a revised bumpers, a small grille and headlamps with HID and LED daytime running lights integrated is. The rear lights have been redesigned to resemble the headlamps. The rear bumper has placed two tailpipes beneath. This car will be 5 different options of wheel types and 9 attractive housing colors. 2016 Land Rover Discovery must squeeze a spacious new interior with three rows of seats that can comfortably accommodate 7 passengers, and perhaps even in an 8 passenger. The second row of seats can be folded to make room for more cargo space when the need arises. 2016 BMW M6 Interior The feel-good factor of this model was carried device with leather wrapped seats and soft materials on other touch interior detailing was multiplied. The center console has an 8-inch touchscreen display, from where you can control a variety of security and entertainment tools. Some of these functions are very simple and can be found in almost any other model. Features such as satellite navigation, Internet radio, panoramic sunroof; Rear parking sensors makes this model stand out from the crowd.

2016 Land Rover Discovery - Powertrain

We found that this car is a petrol-based 2-liter inline-4 engine that can generate a power of up to 240 and 255 lb-ft of torque. This is the same engine, 2016 Audi S4 Rumors which is featured in the all new Evoque. It has an acceleration rate of 0 to 60 mph in just 7.2 seconds reaching a top speed of 125 mph. ZF automatic gearbox is transmitted to all four wheels. The hybrid version of 2016 Land Rover Discovery will feature 2-liter engine Ingenium. Fuel consumption rates have not yet been registered, but we expect to hear some news.

2016 Land Rover Discovery - Release Date and Price

In Paris Auto Show, floated rumors that the basic version of the 2016 Land Rover Discovery will have a starting price of $ 37,500. Of course, the price should be increased according to the specifications and trim level you opt for. This car is for sale available in the first half of 2016 with the hybrid version goes on sale sometime later.
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